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Program Areas

Take Home Challenges (45 lessons plus background readings)
Partnership for the Advancement of Chemical Technology (PACT) (69 lessons)
Risks & Choices: Teaching Environmental Health Science (27 lessons plus background readings)
Teaching Science with TOYS / Science Literature Integration (33 lessons)


Primary (26 lessons)
Intermediate (12 lessons)

Middle School

Risks & Choices Academy 1: Hands-On Use of the Scientific Method (12 lessons plus background readings)
Risks & Choices Academy 2: Environmental Toxins (8 lessons plus background readings)
Risks & Choices Academy 3: How Safe Is My Water? (8 lessons plus background readings)
Risks & Choices Academy 4: Risk Perception (8 lessons plus background readings)

High School/College

Analytical (3 lessons)
Assorted Topics (9 lessons)
Chemistry of Coatings (4 lessons)
Chromatography and Electrophoresis (9 lessons)
DNA (9 lessons)
Environmental Health Science (4 units plus background readings)
Foods and Flavors (4 lessons)
Forensic Science (8 lessons)
General Chemistry Scenario Labs (15 lessons)
Inquiry/Discovery-Based Chemistry (8 lessons)
Instrumentation (1 lesson)
Laboratory Safety (3 lessons)
Polymers (27 lessons)


Terrific Science


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