With the powerful strategies shared in this workshop, you will learn simple, yet exciting ways to capture (and keep) attention in your science classroom. Meaningful, motivating, and fun lessons are designed to build understanding of important chemistry concepts and expand investigative skills. In this workshop, learn to help students work as scientists do by identifying questions to test and systems to experiment on, designing experiments, establishing protocols to follow, and collecting data. You will also learn to help students use this information to formulate claims that can be substantiated by their findings and subsequently shared, allowing for open discussion, debate, and scientific argumentation.

Watch clips from a Chemistry with Charisma workshop and clips of kids investigating self-inflating balloons.

Suitable for: educators working with middle and high school students

Books/written instructions: Copies of Volume 1 and/or Volume 2 in the Chemistry with Charisma series will be provided, depending on the duration of the workshop. Books are made available at 40% off retail price.

Workshop durations, topics, and lessons: These will be customized to meet your needs. View the downloadable Table of Contents and National Science Education Standards for the workshop source books listed below to see the available content for this workshop.

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Chemistry with Charisma Volume 1


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Chemistry with Charisma Volume 2


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