Here are some of the positive comments we've received about Terrific Science workshops. Feel free to share your own experiences at the bottom of the page!

With the expert choreography of a Broadway show and more energy than a thermite reaction, Lynn Hogue and Mickey Sarquis from Miami University of Ohio wowed the audience with a series of multi-sensory interactions, modeling, visualizations, and pop culture in their presentation. Their mission, accomplished through a series of fun, easy to do, inexpensive activities, was to show teachers how to make chemistry relevant and thoroughly enjoyable for students.— CHED Newsletter, Fall 2007

Mrs. Sarquis had seen the chemist within me, given me a nudge, a hug, and many sparks of encouragement, setting my life's course in chemistry. — Rick Tabor, Former high school student (current research chemist and holder of 39 patents)

‘Mickey’ science takes real-world science and puts it in the childs lap! This is the power of Mickey Sarquis. She never stops teaching. She never wanes in her enthusiasm of what she does. She never stops being an advocate of chemical education. She has impacted my career and thousands of students from my school district alone. — Rex Bucheit, Former participant, Partners for Terrific Science (current principal, Fillmore Elementary School)

This science class was so full of information. The books that we received were so valuable, as well as the experiences that went with the course. I feel this program has given life to my science area (content knowledge) and my children are on the road to being healthier thinkers, observers, investigators, and explorers. — Lisa Clark, James Madison Elementary, Zanesville, Ohio

I know this program has dramatically improved the way I teach science. We do lots of experiments and now my students have learned to think by developing testable questions. I am proud that I have helped them become problem solvers and scientists! — Kristin Meiers, Marr Cook Elementary, Goshen

This program made a huge impact on my teaching. It brought the enjoyment of teaching science back to me. My students loved every science activity we did this year and grew each week from the process. Their questioning skills have dramatically improved because of the knowledge I acquired in this class. I will continue to use all of the information from this class in future years. — Jennifer Macke, Main Elementary, Beavercreek Ohio

Great explanations and hands-on activities that help make real world connections. — Joyce Henk, North Richland Hills, TX

Mickey and Lynn brought science to life in an engaging and insightful manner. — Daniele Clark, Fortworth, TX

Abstract concepts became real with the inquiry based activities. — Mary Hately, Lemont, IL

Thank you for sharing your examples and insight into teaching chemistry. You and Mickey are a perfect team for spreading the excitement and knowledge about teaching chemistry in an engaging fashion. Your fast-paced, yet organized presentation definitely caught up the audience. Your presentation skills definitely capture the minds of students as well as teachers. I will heartily and gladly recommend your program to anyone interested in teaching and in science, especially chemistry. I encourage you to keep the great team, Sarquis/Hogue moving forward. The best part was watching you both have so much fun! — Vicki H. Audio, PhD, Mills River, NC

When I heard that a female was going to be presenting, I was very excited. You did a great job. Everything I learned in your experiments I can use in everyday life. It was good because we are learning in our own chemistry class about the different laws that you explained in some of your demonstrations. You helped me understand those points better.— Catherin Czapski, High School Student

I learned so much about chemistry from you. See how much chemistry is around me has made me respect the science more. Your work has also provided me with information in a career in chemistry. — Charlotte Thomas, High School Student

Usually one assumes that if they go to a lecture that there will be some dull, monotone speaker who will drone on through explanations on an Einstein level, but you were just bursting in animation and really connected with the audience. Thank you for an awesome experience! — Josh Campbell, Student at Bishop Walsh High

I learned so much and you brought out excitement for chemistry in me and my friends. — Jenna Strem, High School Student

I enjoyed the week long science workshop during the Summer of 2010. The experiences helped me learn content in a way that was easy to understand and added to my art and science of teaching. Students have been more engaged and asking questions that I never thought of about the world around them based on the experiments you all taught us. I can't wait to bring the new experiments back to the students that you taught us at the follow-up meeting. Thank you so much for all that you have taught me! It has been the most awesome experience working with you! Much Love from Louisiana! — Kristin Magee

Dear Lynn and Mickey,
What an awesome experience I have had with you two! Thank you so very much for opening up a whole new world of discovery for me.I have always loved science, but you have shown me a better way to explore our world and ask questions. Better still, to have children ask amazing questions which have led to amazing discoveries. I will forever be grateful to you both.
— Kathy Sandow

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