Whether you breathe it in, smear it on, drink it down, or wash it off, "stuff" in your environment can make you sick...or help you thrive. The Strive to Thrive workshop offers educators methods to explore important and timely environmental health issues that teens confront in their daily lives. Activities designed to be done at home, club, or school bring teens to date on the issues and get them thinking with probing questions. Supports National Science Education Standards.


    • indoor environments and pollutants
    • hand hygiene
    • keeping skin healthy and safe from UV damage
    • household chemical safety
    • drinking water from the bottle and tap


Suitable for: educators of elementary and middle school aged students

Books/written instructions: Copy of one or more books in the Strive to Thrive 5-book series will be provided, depending on the duration of the workshop. Books are made available at 40% off retail price.

Workshop durations, topics, and lessons: These will be customized to meet your needs. View the downloadable Table of Contents and National Science Education Standards for the workshop source books listed below to see the available content for this workshop.

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Breathing Room! Indoor Pollution Activity Handbook


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Lather Up! Hand Washing Activity Handbook


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More Than Skin Deep! Skin Health Activity Handbook


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Safe Not Sorry! Chemical Safety Activity Handbook


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Wet Your Whistle! Drinking Water Activity Handbook


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