Terrific Science professional development and outreach programs are led by Mickey Sarquis and Lynn Hogue. The CHED Fall 2007 Newsletter describes Mickey and Lynn as having the expert choreography of a Broadway show and more energy than a thermite reaction. They have wowed audiences around the world with workshops that are guaranteed to help you make chemistry relevant and thoroughly enjoyable for kids of all ages.

Mickey Sarquis

Mickey Sarquis is the creator of Terrific Science, an internationally recognized provider of professional development and developer of chemistry education resources for teachers and students. Though her professional development efforts, more than 25,000 educators (from preschool through college levels) have gained a deeper understanding of and appreciation for chemistry and its partner sciences. Mickey has led student programming reaching an estimated 50,000 students. She has trained thousands of university faculty, industry scientists, and teachers to conduct their own outreach. Even students are recruited to do outreach with younger children. Her more than 60 book publications impact even more students, families, and teachers. Download Mickey's current CV.

In 2009, Mickey was honored with Miami’s most prestigious award—the Benjamin Harrison Medallion (named after the 23rd president of the U.S. and 1852 graduate of Miami University). She has also received numerous awards from the American Chemical Society including 2009 Outstanding Service Award, 2008 Helen Free Award for Public Outreach, and 2006 Chemist of the Year Award. She is also a two-time recipient of the Chemical Manufacturers Association’s Catalyst Award for her national efforts (1994) and regional work (1986).

Mickey is an internationally recognized leader in chemical education whose chemistry-based teacher enhancement and curriculum development efforts have become national and international models. Through her research in chemistry education, she has developed research-based protocols for professional development and the development instructional materials. She has explored dimensions of inquiry based instruction, technology conversion of courses, visualization techniques to support understanding, method to bridge formal and informal science education, and more. She has been awarded more than $16 million in external grants to support her efforts. She has authored more than 80 books, monographs, chapters, and articles. Her publications have received honors including a Teachers Choice Award and Parents Choice Recommended Award. She is also a widely traveled lecturer having given more than 250 invited presentations in the past decade many at international conferences. Throughout all of her efforts, Mickey remains focused on sharing her love of chemistry with everyone she comes in contact with. Her enthusiasm provides a rejuvenating effect for even the most experienced chemistry educators.

Lynn Hogue

Talk about a depth and breadth of experience in science education! Lynn Hogue seems to have done it all. A classroom chemistry teacher for 27 years, Lynn first encountered Terrific Science Programs as a teacher-participant in the NSF-funded Teaching Science with TOYS program. The experience was a positive one, to say the least. The instructional staff was so taken with Lynn that she was asked to join them as a teacher leader for the program. One thing led to another and she eventually signed on full time with Terrific Science in 1992. Today she designs outreach that represents the best science educators have to offer. After all, she brings the perspective of a seasoned classroom educator and a professional development participant to the challenge, along with a love of science that is obvious to all around her.

Lynn has directed CCE's teacher and student programs and served as an instructor for more than 50 funded National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, National Petrochemical Refiners Association, and Ohio Board of Regents programs. Lynn is co-author of several teacher resource books, including Family Science Fun from A to Z; Classroom Science from A to Z; Investigating Solids, Liquids, and Gases with TOYS; and Science Projects for Holidays Throughout the Year. She has worked with school districts and service groups throughout the country in presenting teacher inservices; assisting them with updating their science curricula; and designing experiences outsides the typical classroom. In addition, Lynn has given more than 100 featured presentations over the past five years, including the 2007 Michael Faraday lecture for an audience of 4,500 kids, teachers, and members of the general public. She also serves as an American Chemical Society tour speaker and active National Chemistry Week (NCW) presenter, reaching out to the public and also mentoring countless other scientists in their own NCW outreach.

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