This workshop will demonstrate how hands-on science experiences can serve as a means of reinforcing and enhancing language arts instruction. Using children’s literature as a springboard to a science activity reinforces the process skills that are common to both disciplines. Activities used in this course are discovery-oriented, hands-on science activities that support the national standards in science as well as literature and include cross-curricular and cross-cultural extensions. One special feature of these materials will be an emphasis on multicultural contexts for science content and on incorporating children’s literature that represents a diversity of cultures.

Books/written instructions: Copy of Teaching Physical Science with Children's Literature will be provided, plus additional resources, depending on the duration of the workshop. Books are made available at 40% off retail price.

Workshop durations, topics, and lessons: These will be customized to meet your needs. View the downloadable Table of Contents and National Science Education Standards for the workshop source books listed below to see the available content for this workshop.

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Teaching Physical Science with Children's Literature


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