We offer free PDF downloads showing the relevant National Science Education Standards for each of our Terrific Science Press Titles. Click on a title below to download the National Science Education Standards addressed.

Chemistry with Charisma Book Series
Chemistry with Charisma: Volume 1
Chemistry with Charisma: Volume 2

HealthRICH: Health, Information, and Choices
Bottled Up: Drinking Water Presentation Guide (e-Book Download)
Breathe In: Indoor Air Quality Presentation Guide (e-Book Download)
Breathing Room! Indoor Pollution Activity Handbook
Hands Up: Hand Washing Presentation Guide (e-Book Download)
Lather Up! Hand Washing Activity Handbook
More Than Skin Deep! Skin Health Activity Handbook
Safe Not Sorry! Chemical Safety Activity Handbook
Sun Safe: Skin Protection Presentation Guide (e-Book Download)
Wet Your Whistle! Drinking Water Activity Handbook

High School and College Level
The Chemistry of Food Dyes
The Chemistry of Natural Dyes
The Chemistry of Vat Dyes

Integrated Science
Classroom Science from A to Z
Science Projects for Holidays Throughout the Year
Teaching Physical Science through Children's Literature

Real-World Science
Chain Gang—The Chemistry of Polymers
Dirt Alert—The Chemistry of Cleaning
Fat Chance—The Chemistry of Lipids
Science Fare—Chemistry at the Table
Strong Medicine—Chemistry at the Pharmacy
Understanding Garbage and Our Environment

Toy-Based Science
Exploring Energy with TOYS
Exploring Matter with TOYS: Using and Understanding the Senses
Investigating Solids, Liquids, and Gases with TOYS: States of Matter and Changes of State
Teaching Physics with TOYS, EASYGuide Edition

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